Brain tumor is a very fatal disease. If it is not treated at the right time, then this disease can prove to be fatal. A lump of cells and tissues is formed in the human brain and it is called a brain tumor. Although brain tumor can happen to anyone at any age, but if there is a history of brain tumor in someone’s family, then they are more likely to get this disease. This problem is mostly seen in old people. According to a report on the problem of brain tumor in India, this tumor has been described as the 10th most common disease.

The annual rate of diagnosis of brain tumor is not very high but its death rate still remains a matter of concern. The treatment of brain tumor is very difficult, but if its treatment is started on time, control can be found to a great extent. Awareness can be created among people about a serious problem like brain tumor, so World Brain Day i.e. World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated on 8th June all over the world. In this article, we will try to know about the symptoms, treatment and precautions of

brain tumor.

Symptoms of brain tumor and how to detect it-
Talking about the symptoms of brain tumor and how it can be detected, Dr. Rajat Chopra, Consultant – Neurology, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, explains-


It is very important to pay attention to the symptoms of brain tumor because most of the problems increase due to this negligence and successful treatment is not available even if delayed. The main symptoms of brain tumor are persistent headache, vomiting and nausea, sleep problems, blurred vision, weak vision, weak memory, sudden stumbling while walking, There is muscle spasm, paying attention to these symptoms, the doctor should be contacted on time, only then the clear cause of these symptoms can be known.

How is brain tumor detected?

1. CT scan- CT scan is used to examine abnormal areas of the head and find brain tumours.

2. MRI- In the process of MRI, the size of the tumor is detected by looking at the pictures inside the head.

3. Biopsy- By biopsy, cancer or tissue changes are seen, so that it becomes clear how big the tumor is.

4. Angiography- In angiography, with the help of injection, X-rays are done by injecting dye into the blood vessels, which shows the condition of the brain tumor.

5. Spinal tap- In the process of spinal tap, a sample of fluid is taken from the lower part of the spinal cord and examined.

6. Neurological examination- Nerves are examined in neurological examination and the strength of muscles, hearing power and vision are tested.

Brain tumor treatment options

Dr Pooja Khullar, Senior Consultant – Radiation Oncology, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi talking about the types of brain tumor treatment

reported that the treatment of brain tumor depends on the condition of the patient and the size of the tumor. Doctors first determine through tests (CT scan, MRI brain) how far the cancer has spread, what is its exact location, how abnormal the cells are and what is the patient’s condition at this time, after that the doctor decides that how to treat it. For which several options are adopted.

Surgery- The option of surgery is adopted when it is seen that it can easily remove the tumor. It is also seen in surgery whether the entire tumor will be removed or half. This is a very complex process, which can also have side effects. This can also cause the problem of infection or bleeding.

Radiation therapy- Radiation therapy procedure is adopted to eliminate tumor cells through the use of X-ray technology. Due to this, problems like fatigue in the body, blackness in the skin and headache can also occur.

Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy is a process in which drugs are given with the help of injections, which can destroy tumor cells. It also has side effects. In chemotherapy, the patient’s hair starts falling, he does not feel hungry, he may feel vomiting or nausea.

Medicines- Even after treatment of brain tumor, this cancer can return again and hence doctors give medicines to control its symptoms. In this, antiseizure medicines are also given in case of seizures, these medicines also help in reducing the swelling caused by brain tumour.

Palliative care- To reduce the side effects of cancer, the help of palliative care is taken, through this the person undergoing treatment gets a lot of relief mentally and physically because the person becomes very weak due to cancer and in such a situation he Cured through palliative care. In this, an attempt is made to correct mental health by adopting medicines, nutrition and relaxation methods.

Do not ignore these symptoms-

Dr Prashant Kumar Chowdhary, Senior Consultant, Neurology, Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute, explains that

Any type of lump that forms inside our brain or reaches there from somewhere else, due to which our normal brain cells are damaged, this is a form of brain tumor. There are many types of these in which some are made inside the brain and some come from outside the brain. There are some symptoms in these that you should never ignore, such as-

Unbearable headache- People have headache but it gets cured but sometimes the headache does not get cured, remains constant, even after taking medicines, there is severe headache along with headache. If there are problems like dizziness, vomiting, then do not ignore it at all.

Fainting suddenly- If you are fainting while sitting or you are in a state of unconsciousness even while walking, the reason for which you are not aware. You should never ignore these symptoms.
Seizures- If you are having frequent epileptic seizures, especially normal people who do not have any kind of problem before and suddenly start having seizures, then get it checked immediately.

Sudden paralysis of any organ- Sudden paralysis of any organ or gradual paralysis indicates a brain tumor, in such a case there is a need to scan the brain to see what the problem is. Nowadays there is a system of CT scan in every district all over India, so without any carelessness, get the city scan done.

Gradually loss of eyesight with time- Sometimes due to injury or due to aging, the eyesight starts slowly. In such a situation, if you get yourself examined and the doctor says that your pupils are fine and you are wearing spectacles, yet your vision is gradually decreasing, then you need to see a neurosurgeon.

He told that if early treatment is done by paying attention to such symptoms, then a person can be cured of brain tumor. Many such patients come to us, due to early detection of symptoms, they also get successful treatment and today they are living a normal life due to medicines and successful treatment. Therefore, do not ignore these symptoms at all and get them checked immediately.

That’s why you have to keep in mind that if you are seeing symptoms related to any type of brain tumor, then do not ignore them at all. Along with this, it is very important for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In which you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle by keeping away from smoking and alcohol along with regular yoga practice, plenty of sleep, healthy diet.

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